yui (ties)

salt collected from the Horikawa river, threads,
naphthalene, dissolving paper, rowing boat,
buckets, mail boxes
Aichi Triennale 2010
[Aichi Arts Center, Aichi]
Photo: HATAKEYAMA Takashi

The installation work "yui (ties)" was conceived after the Horikawa river that
flows through Nagoya-city. 400 years ago, the Horikawa river was dug as a waterway
for material transportation at the time Nagoya Castle’s fortifications were built.
Japanese cypress "hinoki" came down the Kiso river from the depth of the Kiso mountain,
then traveled the sea to reach the castle. What might have been the scenery of
those trees born in the forest? 4 km of strings of salt are cultivated from the salt
harvested from the bottom of the Horikawa river, standing as trees.
Shoes molded in Naphthalene will freeze their proper time for one moment before
initiating their ineluctable recrystallization. The landscape created by a multitude of
subtle comings and goings expands to reach the edge of the sea.